we believe...

What is the first thing you do when you’re introduced
to someone new?
Smile? Yeap!

That’s what has to happen between your favorite brands & you.

Come & smile. Again. It’s easy & it’s simple & it’s inside you.

Maybe you don’t remember, but there was a time when
you smiled more.
Recover that “you” and help others, brands & people, recover theirs.

We at smilebrand™ are a mood agency who likes to work hard
while we have a lot of fun. This is no joke.

Our mission is to raise the Share of Smile™ of our clients among
their customers.
We make brands feel closer and linked to people, just by taking
what it’s inside them and showing it to the rest of the world.
And YES. Of course it’s important what you say in TV, digital,
an event, social networks, a simple banner or in your mobile.
But it is far more important how you say it.

Simplify. Be honest. Co-work. Don’t oversell. Don’t complicate.
Feel close to those you want to talk.
Excite them.And excite them in the way you’d love to be excited.
Put a smile where customers just don’t see it.

If you don’t provoke a smile, your communication is not worth it.

You are here to do that. You are here to change the world faces.
Some might consider it’s basic. But more than back to basics,
we like to say:
“Back to smiles”